Alejandro and Elizabeth



Our Story

We first met in our college statistics class (the first of many classes we had together) at the University of North Florida when Alejandro asked me for my homework. We inevitably became friends, joking in labs and going for drinks after our difficult exams. We went on a study abroad trip to China in the summer of 2014, where we really got to know each other better. With senior year ahead, we both focused on school, worked on our Senior Design project (where we built a robot together for the Jacksonville Zoo), and searched for jobs.

Shortly after graduation, Alejandro landed his dream job working as a Software Engineer for a bio-medical company called Medtronic in Jacksonville. Soon after, I began working as a data analyst for Mercedes-Benz USA, also in Jacksonville. We both moved to Riverside, 4 blocks apart, where we rode bikes to the Saturday Arts Market, drank coffee at Bold Bean, volunteered with the local robotics program, and hosted game nights. We became best friends!

Eventually Alejandro asked me to go on a real date. We found that we had many common interests, all while developing new interests together. We grew tomatoes and pineapples, backpacked part of the Appalachian Trail, traveled to Chicago, NYC, LA, London, Barcelona, and Madrid, built robots, and helped run a robotics league.  We supported each other through job changes, promotions, and I bought my first house, which will soon become our first home. We spent weekends with our families, getting to know and love everyone who helped raise us into the people we are today, and of course building Legos with the nephews. We went on many adventures together and fell more in love with each other the more we learned about each other. After 2 and 1/2 years of dating and 4 years of friendship, Alejandro asked me to marry him, and I said YES!

We love you all and thank you for the support you've shown us throughout our relationship and our lives so far, and we cannot wait to share our special day with you!




12 - 15 - 18